I can't believe that you knock in on my door
Right now, after that you let me down
Oh I can't receive your love I was searching for,
For too long yes So long that I cryied out
Just let me live my life away from tribulations
That's what I say
I really trying and trying to reach my destination
But ain't got no easy

Yes, I would like to go back but we have to look to the future
Spending time to remember memories sometimes no make much sense...no way
That's why me try to live the life day by day
No need to worry we don't need to stray
Like every man in this world
Yes I will find my own way
Oh yeah

Coz everybody is for himself
Can you see grid and selfishness?
Better don't care about this and that
Sure I know ain't got no easy

I've got to rise and shine
All over physical place
It doesn't matter where I stay
Chances are everywhere
There are no boundaries no limits and no borders
I've always in my mind the teachings of the Father
Coz life is one big road
I've got take the rights signs



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