You know the reason why i want to stay with you
I told you a lot of time cause my dreams come true
I want you to stay by my side for ever
Don’t have apologies open your eyes and see
And then you ‘ll realize to spend your life with me
In every move that you make I will be there.
I just wanna grow with your love, oh baby
An now God send me the worth
So don’t waste no time and let’s stay together

So I come from the cold
Sometime it’s hard to live but if you come to my world
I know how (to) satisfy you , we will (we’ll be) getting warm above the clouds in the stars
My love for you is real baby that’s how I feel
In any situation we can carry on
Along the way
Don’t be confused
The time for the picking is over
The way that we used to live together and looking forward


That’s all we need, together
You know I can see, forever

A child is coming now and she can see the light
And I feel like a clown, creation hold on tight
That’s the celebration of the gift of life
Be far from hypocrite
Straight on the right side
Living for humanity and prosperity
In the earth like in the sea
The winner is the biggest


Don’t be confused! time for seeding is around the corner
The things that she does, to finally see the light.




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