No ganja business, just plant a seed
Everybody haffi grow the herbs and things .Okay
Thats what i mean Pure kali weed
No traffic no police
Just legalize it

Guidance & protection
Fi the youth man and woman
Lord guide along the way
So Haffi stay far from satan
Pass it to your bredring
Just pass it one to one
Dont smoke before drive
Just meditate fi overstand

Chalice and narguilè
Share to dem on left side
So liberate yourself
Ca You no no no need to hide
Rizla and cilum fi use
use to free up your mind
And everybody nah became so blind

She need it mama earth
Water rise and sun
Liberate healing of the nation
Put a seed down today you will reap out tomorrow
Governance a make interrogation
Is not just smoke thing
No one killing killing Blaze it up fi make a meditation
Rest on focus No no no loose
A so create another vision

Considerate you got to change your way
Well PieroDread come sing deh pon the drums and the bass
No matter about the rest cause this work is in
progress Smoke it and deliver me some positiveness
The youths will be wise No sponsor no prize and who
knows dem come fi analyzed
Make a step, isn’t the weapon
You know that is the best solution



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