Is all about my empress divine
I would love to the infinity
So she bring me joy peace and harmony.
This one is 4 my lady

Baby ain't never leave you no more
So We have to live in love day by day
By your side i feel sicure
Taken care about us family
Baby aint never leave you no more
So do you want to be my wife one day
Thats What i feel its so real
So get ready be ready to be mine.

I remember the day of the first date
When You came like an angel you said.
By my side i feel complete And u take my breath away
Right now that i made you mine
I m so glad fe conquered your smile
I m so fine im so high I want stay by your side for the rest of life


When u going out and u coming in
Spread me a lot of joy
U r the one so sweet
If u take my hand push up my heartbeat A so we never split.
Only u make me strong when u you look at me.
Yes i m gonna come back for you
So you don’t have to worry


Waking up workin hard
Do it right everyday
Think about the future when the future is today
There is no time to linger And not matter what dem say.
Everybody knows and says
I love so much more
I don’t play the game
Baby girl listen what I'm saying
In every action there's got reaction u u u x2
So we give thanks and praise
And keep the fire blaze
Yes we have to burn frustration
Don’t need to cry fi spend our time
So ready get ready again
To celebrate life
Coz your touch it's so nice for me
Mentally we have to be free



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