So we come from mama earth free dimension
She give us what we need and we have to say give thanks
She ask we respect or will bring destruction
Fro mama earth I come sing this chant
The valleys and the hills dem need of protection
Let’s stop the business of the rubbish around the nation
Decrease emissions and the crops increase
And cooperation between the countries


Coz natural system is in danger
No one no can be indifferent
Global system is in danger
Let me tell you dear friend
No I don’t tell you fairy tales

See the people in the streets when dem fighting for a cause
A Who responsible can’t hear
He doesn’t look beyond the nose
No violence No right there‘s not necessary
They want just freedom of speech
From Tibet to Africa is revolution
Haiti can’t recover, need of resolution
America send dem soldiers
To “save” the nations they need to help
None of dem munitions
Somebody shout out “world is out”
The prophecy now came true in the North and in the South
While Noah bring the animals in a big boat
No future for who is corrupt
From the ancient time human injustice go down
Almighty come to judge without inform in advance
The guilty run away and who live clean will save
By purification of the biggest rain


A so we spend every day in traffic of the city
We cyaan no breath the pm10 you know dem sticking
Right and left the people see deh fi dem meeting
Just take a break is only one way
A so we better get back, respect the earth I mean it
Stop and reset, Oh that’s what I feel it
2000 years of history delete
Just find out solution fi don’t reach the limit
No way
Try and find out solution every day
Leaders listen what the people dem say



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