Every day you got to pay the price
Unuh betta be honest be serious be wise
Every time we come fi get analyzed
Situation it so critical
But we nah go nah fall

Can u see the people everyday inna competition
Dem a trying to eat demself and there's not other vision
Greed means division and dem fight against religion
There's no way out fi dem in the valley of decision.
Truth and rights well dem never see the light
Until Each and everyone dem keep to brutalize, bend the lies! yo!
No need to compromise
Bend the lies! yo!
you have to open up your eyes

Oh yes !!!
You know seh Better be clever
Me say 4ever and ever

We're living inna top-a-top, top-a-top system
Governments just a flop, dem wouldn't listen
People have no food, there's no good to be shared
Children are no safe, dem a growing up scared
Babylon keep pushing we, down down down
Nothing fe smile 'bout, even if me see nuff clown
We haffe rise , no need to compromise
We haffe rise, just open up your eyes

A Situation like this yes I never seen before
Many Children have no food fi eat And dem living unsicure
Give to dem a chance, Almighty father Will provide
Each and every one got pay the price
What a stenght and protection?
They got to survive

We nah go fall inna dirty game
Working hard fi increase clean, frame by frame
With no lies, without apologies no way
We shall rise, never give up the fight and praise.
See deh see deh, any problem got solution
See deh see deh, haffi start a revolution
See deh see deh, we no want bad competition
Almighty guide, protect our decision.
It's true



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