We blaze the fire that means purification
we Never stop the fight against corruption i say
Middle east just stop the tribulation
let the People live the life in peace.

we blaze the fire that means purification
Coz Ignorance just brings total distruction i say
Africans let's get emancipation Just be free without limitation.

Somebody try to spread the hate
Grid And avidity
Try to Wash our brain with dem false prophecy
Wise man no drop in the trap of fake Divinity.
Reaching out mount zion is completely free.
There's no need to kill fi make a human sacrifice.
There's no need a guru congregation spreading lies
just we need to learn, improve, discover and be wise.
Looking for salvation, see it materialize

See the nations cry the youths dem drop out for a lie.
System set the things fi get another war and crime.
Take control of mind
rights we try to find.
A so thats why for freedom
keep on fight
Juvenile with no future
Dem cyant find no solution
Have to pray for better days
Just live clean on the way hey hey

So we go straight to the bridge of salvation across over the river.
We got to praise and praise
Each and every moment of the day
Inna this uncertain future
They cyaan sleep no cyaan do it a whole night
Searching for some peace and justice
Let’s stop the trouble right now



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