See dem a fight dem a fight
See the square full of the people
We rights are trumple by the hand of the system of babylon
It was start in the square
The youths cant take it no more

Oh oh its so hard
For this new generation
Dem Cant find no chances
Ca' everybody haffi live
La like a freelance
No living in a small flat open a dependance
Haffi putting up resistance
A plenty square dem claim for rights and
Justice one another
The power of the system is crash out And dem no clever
El pueblo iberico se va a buscar
Una vida nueva A so dem say no! Never

Politrix and who dem make it
Dem Create unstableness
Dem Put a brake in a society
None in progress
Waste we money in a weapon
None inna welfare
Dem just need a vote
Better know who they are
Masters of corruption
Dem a chat chat chat
Times so hard
For the belly fat fat fat

Yes we try and try and try
Try to stand firm
Hear dem cry and cry and cry
Cyaan find no peace no rights that it means no equality
Innocents fall out,prisoners of dirty game
Try to put a
Stop but everyday is still the same
For too long some crazy mind dem kept the power
That is a shame.

Is all about who trying to live inna positive day everyday
When dem rage became a plenty square who claim for rights and justice again one another



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