Baby So You Told Me See You Later
Are You Sure That Here Am I Still Awake
Right Now I'm Telling You True Love Don't Wait That
Nowadays No Time To Linger I'm Looking Better

You Fly Away Down Inna Spain,Before Toward Peniche
While I've Been In The House And You Stay Over There To Eat The Fish
Cause Life Is Life To Live
Sometime You Give Sometime Receive
You Said Was A Shame, Me Say Love Is Not A Game
A Try And Got To Find A Reason To Stay By Your Side
You Told Me Everytime You Like Live Like A Butterfly
And Now You Ask Me Why?
When Everything Is Right,
Please Stay Far From Me Let Me Live In Peace

It Was A Pity
U Realize And Rolling Down The Streets Around The City
Each And Everyday
While Clock Is Ticking
You Search But No Find Opportunity Is No Sitting Here, No Way
Living From Time To Time
But This Is Not About Pride
Just A Simple Point Of View
So I'm Telling U The Truth
I Just Wanna Be Free Like Big Ship Upon The Sea
Ther's No Time To Cry If U Want To See The Light

Rap Verse
From The Day U Move Away I Never Stop My Pain
So Many Miles Away Relationship It Never Be The Same
Fight To Have You Back Again,Was (A) Struggle Not Complain
Yes I Tried My Best To Never Break The Chain. Hey!!!
Freedom Is Not Selfishness I Stay Far From My Pride
U Just Thinking Bout Yourself And Take The Road To Divide
U Should Better Speak Honestly When Decide



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