When you stand alongside me
In any thing that I feel
So you make me feel nice
Like the sun come fi rise
When you stay by my side
We can’t waste our time
So we ain’t got no reason to hide
Baby no no no I’ll no tell you no lies

Baby you should always take your decision
I don’t wanna preach about split and division
I can’t take no pressure I can’t take no more
You have to look in my face about we I’m so sure
We have to live day by day
And don’t worry about the future
Living day by day and move away from illusion
Inna this confidence from deep inside
You should better use the brain
Leave apart your pride

Come on with me give me the love and receive
Come on my sweet, I need to tell you upon the beat
I don’t speak like a cheat I wanna love you and fi do it
Better free up your mind follow me and you will find
One more reason in this time you ‘re so blind
One more reason you are the one of a kind
Inna this freedom time you will like to be mine
You are the one of a kind so divine.

I ‘m just thinking about you every time
In the name of love i would love u and be fine
Take a drink some wine We no have much time
A so me waiting for signal ones on a while
Deliver me one signal to be my wife one day
I tell u last time don’t leave please stay baby girl please stay
Inna this yah time of crucial decision U got to be wise haffi clean up your vision
And don’t run away and don’t step away no no its the shame
Nowadays we hav to make a change
No boundaries no barriers to write down new page
Close your eyes and try to imagine it

Now is the time to get ready do you wanna be my lady
Now is the time cause this relationship must be steady
So there is no compromise by your side is amazing
Each and every time I read love in your face
I’ve became father while you became mother
Dalia is the pride of the life that we waiting for long time
She’s open up my eyes, her love make me wise, so nice
She give me strength all the days of my life,
In any corner that I’ve been I can feel the vibes
And when she wake me up
To show me her smile
When I can’t sleep because baby cry
She give me love that passing through a cup of coffee
She give me positivity cause every time she laughing
And when she so close her perfume is loud
And if I go away it never fade out.
She ‘s make me so high
Between her and me there’s no chat no lie



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